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Our new lifestyle comes with a whole bunch of new words or alphabet-soup style acronyms. I’m sure we’ll use them a bunch here on our blog, so why not list them out and let you know exactly what they mean.

FiRe (Financial Independence Retire Early)
This acronym refers to the “movement” or group of people who are pursuing the ability to make “Work Optional” by accumulating wealth and living off of the interest much earlier than the traditional retirement age.

Location Independence
The ability to live anywhere you desire without being tied to a specific location (usually a job) to earn a living.

Digital Nomad
Someone who achieves “Location Independence” by earning an income via an online source and frequently moves from location to location.

Geo Arbitrage
A common term within the FiRe movement that describes the act of moving to a low cost of living (LCOL) area to make your money go further.

Lifestyle Design
This is the act of making intentional decisions about your life (job,location,school) in order to create your desired lifestyle.

This is a version of homeschooling that takes place while traveling extensively and using your travels as part of your children’s education.