Our Big Announcement – The Secret Master Plan!

So, we have some news to share…

We’ve made a pretty big life decision. And it will have lasting repercussions for our family for years and maybe generations to come. (at least we hope so!)

We have a really good life. With really good jobs. A nice big house and fancy cars. Smart, healthy kids. We live a life that most people would trade for in a heartbeat.

Yet somehow we still want more. Or maybe we want less…

We’ve decided to reboot. To re-design. To re-think our lives and specifically our lifestyle.

There is a saying that “we all have the same amount of time”. I guess that is true on a day-by-day basis – we all have 24 hours. But in a lifetime, we never know how much time we have. Some of us will live to 100, some of us will die the day after we retire.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

We don’t want to wake up one day and see that life has passed us by. So we have made the decision to re-design our lifestyle into something more meaningful and more NOW.

So, enough with the cryptic writing, what are we planning?

We are leaving our corporate jobs. Selling our house and most of our belongings. Heading out on an epic adventure, traveling the globe as a digital nomad family.

So in short, the master plan is:

  • Leave our corporate jobs
  • Sell our house and most of our belongings
  • Create location independent online income streams
  • Travel the world full-time as a family, learning and growing together as we go

Crazy Huh?

I’m sure you may have lots of questions…

  • Where are you going?
  • Will you come back?
  • What about the kids’ school?
  • How can you afford this?

…And probably lots more. That’s sort of what this blog is for.

We’ve decided to create this blog to:

  1. Document our journey (this will be fun to read when we are in our 80’s)
  2. Share our journey with family and friends
  3. Show others what is possible when you think outside of the box

So, we invite you to follow along. Sign-up for our email list so that you can get updates. Read more and open your mind to the possibilities of life!

14 thoughts on “Our Big Announcement – The Secret Master Plan!”

  1. I will surely miss you all, but I am glad we have so many ways to “keep in touch”.
    I wish you all the best, I knew in my heart a long time ago that you would do BIG things. ( I didn’t think this big though) I am excited to hear and see the many adventures and opportunities you all will have. God will be with you in your travels and keep you safe wherever you may roam. I love you Jonathan, Leslie, Gavin, Jocelyn and Grayson.❤️💚💙💜❤️

  2. Congratulations John and Leslie we will really miss your wisdom and leadership at Menno Haven having said that I’m proud of you
    And what you have accomplished we hope for the best for you you have cut the chain and now will be free what ever you do never look back enjoy every day and may God bless you abundantly
    Wayne Yeager

  3. I think this is awesome.. my husband talks about this all the time and we watch families on you tube that do this same thing. Can’t wait to see the adventures!

    • Leslie-

      I so enjoyed discussing your family dream with you!!!!! I was thrilled to see Chiang Mai as a possible first destination as I know I shared with you my son Logan truly enjoyed his time there when we was on his world travels.

      My very best to you and thanks for letting me tag along for the ride with you. Safe travels my friend.


  4. This is really cool, cant wait to follow you on your life of journey, one question though, will Jonathan be able to
    catch steeler games 😊😊🏈.

    • We have been doing our research to find the best solution to watch the Steelers! It really is the only thing we watch on TV. Give us YouTube and Netflix and we are set! We definitely will solve for Sept-Feb football! 🤣

  5. Leslie – I love it! Adventures and being together is what it’s all about and what a neat journey you will live. Cannot wait to hear it all. All the best.

  6. Did you document the year of planning? 11 years ago when Kameron was an infant , Spencer was 2 & Karrington was 8 my husband took me to the local RV dealer while inquired about an estimate to customize for our family! He wanted to sell everything and travel the US filming a TV show. I had zero interest. Fast forward to your announcement, I am in such a different place. I mind myself so intrigued & can’t to follow your family in your journey!


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