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Hola a todos, hemos estado muy ocupados vendiendo nuestra casa y nuestras posesiones. Queríamos tomarnos un momento para actualizar a todos sobre nuestros planes de viaje y dónde planeamos comenzar nuestro viaje familiar.

Oh. Hey….sorry about that. I guess we got carried away with the whole learning Spanish thing! Keep reading to find out why Duolingo is our new “must-have” app on our phones!

We’ve written before about how we planned to travel to Thailand and explore South East Asia for the first year of our family journey. We’ve also written about how COVID-19 has impacted our travel planning.

It is now safe to say that travel to that part of the world will still be off limits when we leave in November, so on to plan-b!

So…where are we going already!


We will begin our epic family adventure on the Riviera Maya!

We’ve said all along that our new life cannot and will not be “one big vacation”. But admittedly, this first leg of the trip may look and feel a little “vacation-like”. This region is full of white sand beaches, Mayan ruins, and picturesque Cenotes to explore.

What is a Cenote you ask?

We will start our journey in a little community called Puerto Aventuras, near the beach and of course close to a golf course!

We plan to be in this region of Mexico from early November until mid-January. After that we want to explore more of Mexico thru February and March. High on our list of other Mexican destinations will be Merida, San Miguel De Allende, and Mexico City.

We want to work on our Spanish as a family and prepare for visiting more Spanish speaking countries in the future.

As Tim Ferris wrote in the 4-Hour Workweek, “fun things happen when you earn dollars and live on pesos”!

We have an event back in the States in early April and then we will see where world travel restrictions are at that time before planning our next destination.

Adios amigos!

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  1. Man I hope you guys take it all in and stay safe. There is so much to see down there. The food must be off the charts. Seafood everyday…thats what J would do .


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