That Nomad Family – Our Origin Story

Until now we have been your normal corporate-workin’, suburbs-livin’ family.

We rushed home from work to get to the kids’ sports practice, ate on the run, and lived for the weekends. Life was good. But life was also fast.

Monday’s came, and we would rinse and repeat.

Somewhere along the line, we decided we wanted more. More for our kids and more for ourselves.

Over time, we had collected some puzzle pieces as we learned about:

  • Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE)
  • Earning an online, location independent income
  • Traveling the world, enjoying low cost-of-living internationally

Then one day, Mr. TNF read the book “The Four-hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. This was just the inspiration he needed to put those puzzle pieces together and design a lifestyle where we could be together more as a family, go on crazy adventures, and give our kids the tools to thrive in a global society.

We liken our story to the early American Pioneers. Deciding to embrace adventure in the pursuit of a promising lifestyle, moving West and settling lands untouched before. Never imagining they would be the topic of textbooks for generations to come.

We imagine that our conversations in 2019, under the glow of our television screen must be eerily similar to those of a husband and wife in 1819, under the glow of candlelight – talking about embarking on a great new journey.